Choosing a domain name

The art of selecting a domain name simply involves choosing a name that fits its intended purpose; in other words, it is relevant, descriptive, short, and it is easy to pronounce and remember.

1. Begin by selecting a domain name that you like and enter it in the registration box.

After you click “Search” you will see a page of results telling you whether or not your desired term is available, as well as a list of suggested alternatives below it.

2. If the domain is available, choose the number of years you wish to register the domain for by clicking the downarrow on the right of "Add to cart". The shopping cart icon should change from "Add to cart" to "Added"

3. If you wish to register more domains, repeat steps 1 and 2 above. Otherwise, click "Go to checkout".

4. Select additional services to add (if any), click "Update Cart".

5. Click "Checkout"

6. If you already have an existing account with us, click on "Click here to login".

If you are a new customer, fill in your contact details. It is essential that you input a valid and current email address as this is the primary means of contact with you.

This email should be updated to ensure that renewal and other important notices can be sent to you. 

7. Choose your payment method and click "Complete Order"

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